1. obida

    android how to stop background apps

    Find Apps Running in Background in Android The latest version of Android will show you certain apps in the notification area running in the background. To see the notification area, swipe down your finger from the top of your mobile screen in an unlocked state. Scroll down the notification menu...
  2. obida

    Android 12 Disable Automatic Updates for Apps

    Disable Automatic Updates for Apps in Android automatic apps can create problems for you like the developer removed the feature you use. In order to avoid problems, you can disable automatic app updates and do the manual update when needed. Disable Automatic Updates for Apps There is a...
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    Top 25 Money Earning Apps In India

    money earning apps in India. These apps are an absolute model for school or college students, moms, and those who can spare a little bit of time doing something valuable and avoiding dealing with mundane tasks. We will enlighten you with all money earning apps that will prove out to be the best...