Android 12 Disable Automatic Updates for Apps

Disable Automatic Updates for Apps in Android​

automatic apps can create problems for you like the developer removed the feature you use. In order to avoid problems, you can disable automatic app updates and do the manual update when needed.

Disable Automatic Updates for Apps​

There is a different procedure to disable the automatic update feature for the apps in Android. “Google Play” manages the apps on Android phone. Hence, you can the “Auto-update apps’ feature in “Google Play” settings. The following procedure will disable the “Auto-update apps” feature.

  • Open “Google Play” and touch on your profile icon.
  • A menu list will open and tap on “Settings”.
  • Touch on “Network preferences” to expand the list.
  • Click on “Auto-update apps” to open the dialog box with three options.
  • Choose “Don’t auto-update apps” option and tap on “Done”.
Disable Automatic Updates Apps

Sometimes, you only want to stop automatic app updates through cellular data to save money. In this case, you can choose “Over Wi-Fi only” option to force the update happens only through wireless network and not on cellular connection.

How to Update Apps Manually on Android?​

After disabling “Auto-update apps” on your phone, you can manually update the apps to utilize latest features.

  • Open “Google Play” and touch your profile button.
  • Tap “Manage apps & device” from the list.
  • The coming screen will show if updates are available for the apps under “Updates available” section.
  • You can touch “Update all” to update all the apps without checking the details.
  • Alternatively, touch “See details” to display the list of all the apps for which updates are available.
  • You can once again update individual apps of your choice or hit the “Update all” button to update all the apps.
Update Apps Manually in Android