android how to stop background apps


Find Apps Running in Background in Android​

The latest version of Android will show you certain apps in the notification area running in the background. To see the notification area, swipe down your finger from the top of your mobile screen in an unlocked state. Scroll down the notification menu and see if any app is running in the background. If there is a message like an app is running in the background, press the down arrow to see the app’s name and tap it to change that app’s notification settings.

Android Notification Area Showing App Running Background

If you want a detailed view of the apps running on your Android phone and the resources apps are consuming, go to “Developer options” in the “Settings > System” menu. However, “Developer options” option in Android is not available by default and you have to manually enable it from the “System” menu. Check out our article on disabling automatic OS and app update in Android to learn how to enable “Developer options.”

Once you enable the “Developer options” on your Android phone, open it through “Settings > System > Developer options” and open the “Running services” menu. The running services page will show the details of all the apps running on your Android phone along with the consumption of memory. You can use this detail to get an overall idea of the apps running in background and consuming more resources.

Running Services Page in Developer Options

Note: Enabling “Developer options” and using its menu items may affect the functioning of your device. Therefore, do this at your own risk and disable the option if you notice any problem in your phone.

Stop Apps Running in Background in Android​

There are two main ways to stop the background apps on your Android mobile phone.
  • On the running services page (Settings > System > Developer options > Running services), tap the name of the app. This will open a page where you can stop that app.
Running App in the Running services

  • Go to “Settings > Apps” and find the app running in background. On the App info page, choose “Force stop” to stop the app from running in background.
Force Stop App Running in Background

There is one problem in stopping the apps using the above methods. If you restart your phone, the app may run again in the background, and you have to force stop it again. If you don’t use that app anymore, then it is recommended to uninstall it by tapping on the “Uninstall” button on the App info page.

Background Process Limit in Developer Options