Passive income share your internet and earn money 5$=20GB

Passive Income Online​

Make passive money online by completing surveys and sharing your internet

Make Money Instantly​ enables you to make money instantly. All you need to do to start generating income is to create a free account and install our app.

Make Your Internet Connection Work for You​

Each client goes through a rigorous vetting process. Security is our top concern and we take all the necessary steps to protect our pawns’ privacy.

Share Your Opinion and Get Paid​

With Surveys, you can earn by sharing your opinions on fashion, cosmetics, tech, politics, and other topics to help our associates develop better products.

How It Works?​



How Much Can You Expect to Earn?​

Your earnings depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share, how many surveys you complete, and how long you keep the application running on the network. The longer you stay online, the more you earn!

A Few More Things That Impact Your Earnings​

A few more things that have an impact on your earnings

Location of your IP address​

Right now, certain locations are more in demand than others, so some location will be more profitable. However, we accept everyone who wants to share their internet.

Unique IP addresses​

You will also earn more if you run our application on more than one unique residential IP address. In other words, the more unique IPs you can use, the more you will earn.

Your internet speed​

It’s essential for our clients to have a good ping from the network. The faster your internet connection is, you’ll be able to share and earn more. Is Built on Three Core Pillars​


We ask all our clients to identify themselves, so we know who uses your traffic at all times.


We never share any information about our pawns with any third parties.


All data that goes through the network is encrypted, so there’s no way to identify our pawns or clients.

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